See A Digital Tour of our Women’s History Month Exhibit “200 Years of Women’s Fashions”

In honor of Women’s history month, The Northeast Harbor Library is hosting an exhibit of women’s clothing and accessories from the past 200 years. While is our building has been closed, we have put together a digital tour of the exhibit.

The items displayed belong to individuals and families on MDI and the surrounding areas, some passed down for generations. This year marks 100 years of the women’s right to vote in the U.S. and we are honoring that legacy with this exhibit women’s clothing and accessories from before and after this important landmark in our history. As women have gained liberties, fashion trends have shifted from restrictive and cumbersome to expressive and freeing.

This exhibit is part of the women’s history project in collaboration with other area libraries.

Take a digital tour of our Women’s history month exhibit! This video is almost 5 minutes long; if you need more time to read the cards, just pause the video and restart when you are ready to keep moving!

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