January & February Exhibit: MDES Student Work

The Northeast Harbor Library is excited to start the year with an exhibit of work by students at Mount Desert Elementary!  Art teacher, Shannon Westphal and the students have been back in the classroom and busy.  Shannon writes, “While many

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December Exhibit: An Abecedarian Reflection

Parenting Through Childhood Cancer by Lelania Harpal Kaur Avila abecedarian (ā′bē sē dâr′ē ǝn), n. 1. a person who is learning the letters of the alphabet. 2. a beginner in any field of learning.  –adj. 3. of or pertaining to

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November Exhibit: ArtWaves

There will be an ArtWaves Exhibit at the Northeast Harbor Library during the month of November. Viewers will be interested in knowing that the show has two parts: a visual arts exhibit by ArtWaves member artists (watercolor, oil, acrylic, batik)

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October Exhibit: West African Textiles and Photographs

From October 1st to 30th, the Northeast Harbor Library will be showing photographs of West Africa taken in 1968 and ‘69 by Lucas Kiers. These arresting images in black-and-white show people at home, in their villages and fields, in busy

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September Exhibit: REAL ENOUGH, Mattie Bowden & Benjamin Lincoln

The artworks of Mattie Bowden and Benjamin Lincoln are featured in  “REAL ENOUGH”, the September 2021 exhibit at the Northeast Harbor Library, curated by Annette Carvajal of Art in Publics Spaces, LLC. Both artists explore shape and light, with an

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