February: John Woodruff, Photographic Images

This February the Northeast Harbor Library is pleased to host an exhibit of photographic images by John Woodruff in our Mellon Room. John’s abstract collages, assembled from his photographs, will grace the walls.

To speak more about his work, here’s John: “My recent work deals with several themes I have worked with for years and continue to explore. First and foremost, I am fascinated with patterns and, in these newest pieces, I decided to bring to bear my background in biology by cutting xeroxes of photos I’ve taken of the sun and moon into amorphous shapes that give the resultant compositions an organic feel. Secondly, I am always taken with the camera’s ability to capture detail and render color. To get these two characteristics to shine, I have been using colorful images of the sun and moon as compositional elements and low horizon lights that scrape along the flat landscapes. An additional theme I’ve been exploring through my art is time. I mean time in the “event” sense – time in the way early man marked it: by the tides, a blood moon, summer solstice, or a heatwave nowadays – as reflected in the titles of my work.”

The exhibit will be up the entire month of February. The room is occasionally booked for private use, please call ahead to check availability if you are making a special trip to see the work at 207 276 3333.

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