February: Emily Davis, Nature and Psyche Project

Emily Candler Davis, local bodyworker, poet, and artist, is showing The Nature and Psyche Project in the Mellon Room of the Northeast Harbor Library beginning February 1st and running until March 1st, 2019.

The Project illuminates the relationship and inherent and ongoing dialogue between humans and the natural world. The photographs capture faces and iconic imagery which hold meaning and wonder about our origins, other cultures, the earth’s soul, and our ancient ties to a world more modern minds might consider ineffable. The obvious mythopoetic imagery links our modern minds to classical philosophers and thoughts, drawing from Plato, Ovid, the Greeks, Norse myths, and medievalists, while engaging and teasing us forward with an evocation of deep and profound evolution in human thought and spirit evoking the work of James Hillman, Tom Cheetham, Henry Corbin, and Carl Jung.

A lecture on Image, Psyche, and Nature will take place on the 6th of February at 5:30pm, and light refreshments will be served. Come meet the artist, ask questions, and find another perspective on the Mundus Imaginalis, or World’s Imagination.

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