December Exhibit: Sam Dunlap

December Exhibit at the Northeast Harbor Library, “The Presence of Matrix Fossils on Mount Desert Island – Art and Artifacts”


Have you ever seen something that you couldn’t explain by conventional thinking, something that seemed to end up a theory? What do you do when that happens? Do you try to make the theory fit the contradictory evidence or do you go looking for more evidence that might support a new idea?


The month of December, 2016, Sam Dunlap will be exhibiting paintings, drawings, and artifacts at the Northeast Harbor Library. “The Presence of Matrix Fossils On Mount Desert Island” explores the history of Mount Desert Island, fusing science and art. This show features charcoal drawings, expressive interpretations, and more than 100 examples – almost all from MDI. It’s a continuation of Sam’s work presented in March at conference for the Geological Society of America. This new presentation focuses on the history of Maine through its fossils and offers viewers an opportunity to reinterpret the evidence of the past that survives in Maine.



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