Robin’s Pick: Wordless Wonders – 4 Books Without Words

PIC FIC: Wordless Wonders

January: Young Reader Picks

These books without words still tell amazing stories!


Little Barbarian by Renato Moriconi

This story ends with a twist that parents and kids will love and never see coming!


Imagine! Raul Colon

In this book a boy jumps into painting, which come to life during a visit to the museum. That inspires him to create a neighborhood mural.


Found by Jeff Newman

Found covers a range of emotions surrounding losing, finding, reuniting, and bonding with a pet.


Wolf in Snow by Matthew Cordell

Though the images may make you think you are in for a Red Riding Hood type of journey, this book goes in another direction where the wolf is the hero, an unlikely connection that saves the day!




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