PIC FIC: Bolivar by Sean Rubin

February: Young Reader Pick

Bolivar this is a great story for the whole family.  Lush illustration for an insightful, fun story of a girl who is the only one who realizes her next door neighbor is a dinosaur. Chaos ensues when she reveals him to the world! – Robin

What would you do if your neighbor was a dinosaur?

Going extinct isn’t for everyone.

Sybil knows that there is something off about her next door neighbor, but she can’t seem to get anyone to believe her. Everyone is so busy going about their days in the busy streets of New York City that they don’t notice Bolivar. They don’t notice his odd height, his tiny arms, or his long tail. No one but Sybil sees that Bolivar is a dinosaur.

When an unlikely parking ticket pulls Bolivar into an adventure from City Hall to New York’s Natural History Museum, he must finally make a choice: continue to live unnoticed, or let the city see who he really is.

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