Pic Fic: Waiting for High Tide by Nikki McClure

May: Young Readers

“This book is filled with amazing and deceptively simple illustrations, along with a story which details what all the animals and one family do while waiting for high tide.  A perfect combination which reminds me of McCloskey’s Time of Wonder.” – Robin

For one young boy, it’s a perfect summer day to spend at the beach with his family. He scours the high tide line for treasures, listens to the swizzling sound of barnacles, and practices walking the plank. But mostly he waits for high tide. Then he’ll be able to swim and dive off the log raft his family is building. While he waits, seabirds and other creatures mirror the family’s behaviors: building and hunting, wading and eating. At long last the tide arrives, and human and animal alike savor the water.

Another beautiful ode to life lived in harmony with nature, and by the labor of one’s own hands, from an artist of great warmth and clarity.

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